GWR 29xx No. 2912 Saint Ambrose

Recently completed is this 4mm scale GWR Saint class No. 2912 Saint Ambrose.  I had long desired a Saint for my Maiden Newton project – indeed one was pretty much essential.  When Martin Finney informed me that he had a P4 Saint that was surplus to requirements I jumped at the chance of acquiring it.  She had been built from a Proscale kit and represented No. 2920 Saint David as running around 1930 in full GWR regalia.

The model was very skillfully converted to EM by my good friend Morgan Gilbert and I then stripped off all the paint – shame really because the model had been very nicely painted and lined!  I than added outside steam pipes and various other fittings to represent an engine that had recieved new cylinders which the Saints recieved later in their careers.  I replaced all the fittings with castings from Martins own range of kits and she was then repainted in post 1928 GWR green cellulose – again by Morgan.  I added a full set of cab fitiings and then weathered her to represent a Saint in post WW2 condition.  I chose 2912 as she was a Weymouth allocated engine aorund 1950.  She now represents one of the last survivors of this well regarded class and I am delighted with the result.  She is likely to power a stopping train on Maiden Newton and she is known to have reguraly worked the 8.10am Weymouth – Bristol TM stopper and return working around that time.

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